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Galway University Hospital


Patient Experience Fair Day

To celebrate the launch of the National Patient Experience Survey, the PALS team hosted a patient Experience Fair Day in the hospital. This event gave patients and hospital staff the opportunity to experience the variety of supports available to service users.



Bereavement & Post Mortem’ Information Booklets

In September 2017, the End-of-life Care Committee published the ‘Bereavement & Post Mortem’ Information Booklets in Polish, in response to the growing diversity of families who have bereavements at the hospital.                                                                        



The Butterfly Scheme   

The ‘Butterfly Scheme’ was launched in Galway University Hospital. This provides a system for people with temporary confusion, memory loss and dementia to notify hospital staff who can then discreetly deliver appropriate care to meet the patient’s needs. The butterfly symbol represents a request for a specific care response and is available for hospital patients who wish to participate.