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Survey model and methodology

An overview of the survey questionnaire

The content of the National Patient Experience Survey questionnaire is taken from a library of questions from Picker Institute Europe, an international leader in the measurement of patient experience. Over 100 people, including patients and patient representatives, policymakers, data analysts and academics, were involved in selecting the most important questions relevant to the Irish healthcare context.

The National Patient Experience Survey 2018  includes 58 structured tick-box questions and 3 open-ended (free-flow) questions.

Several steps guided the development of the questionnaire.

  1. An international review identified that many other countries use pre-validated questions from the Picker Institute Europe.
  2. Patient and data focus groups identified the most important question areas.
  3. A Delphi Study identified 60 priority and 40 reserve questions.
  4. Picker Institute Europe checked measurement and analytic quality of the questions.
  5. Ten cognitive interviews took place with patients to correct any problems with the first National Patient Experience Survey questionnaire in 2017.
  6. The National Patient Experience Survey governance groups finalised and approved the questionnaire for 2017.
  7. In 2018, eight cognitive interviews and four focus groups took place to test the survey, which underwent some changes.
  8. The National Patient Experience Survey governance groups finalized and approved the 2018 version of the survey.

Read a brief overview of the survey development process

Technical reports

Technical report 2017

Technical report 2018

Supporting documentation

National Patient Experience Survey Data Dictionary

National Patient Experience Survey questionnaire 2017

Review of National Patient Experience Survey processes in 2017