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Using survey responses for quality improvement

“By asking patients in a rigorous, systematic fashion about their experiences of care and treatment healthcare services can be accurately measured and improvements made.”
Picker Institute Europe, 2009

How can hospitals use the survey data?

The results from the National Patient Experience Survey will provide hospitals with insightful and factual data about patients’ experiences in Ireland. The results will shed light on patients’ journeys from admission to discharge. Results can be benchmarked against relative standards (such as the national average) or absolute standards (such as a target that the hospital wishes to achieve), and they can be used to track changes and improvements as the survey is repeated over time. The survey will provide an opportunity to acknowledge the positive work that is carried out every day in hospitals and identify areas in need of improvement.

The data will also allow hospitals to benchmark the quality of services in Ireland against other countries, including England, Scotland, New Zealand and Canada. Other countries have successfully used the results of patient experience surveys to improve hospital care. Picker Institute Europe has a number of examples of how these improvements have been made.

Developing quality improvement plans

Quality improvement is built into the aims and design of the National Patient Experience Survey in Ireland.  The National Patient Experience Survey ensures that patients’ feedback will form the evidence base to drive quality improvement across the healthcare system. The partners advocate a solution-focused approach to quality improvement.

Quality improvement plans will be developed in each hospital in order to improve the delivery of care to patients, and these will be available on this website.