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Results of the National Patient Experience Survey


The first National Patient Experience Survey took place in May 2017. 26,635 patients from 40 hospitals across Ireland were invited to participate. With a response rate of 51%, that’s 13,706 participants, it is the largest survey on patients’ care in Ireland.

You can see the results of the survey here. The National Report, 39 individual hospital reports and six hospital group reports are available to view, download and print at the links below. Each report also has a snapshot, which gives you a visual overview of what patients said.

In response to the results of the survey, each hospital has developed and implemented a plan setting out how they will improve patient experience based on patients’ feedback to the National Patient Experience Survey 2017.


Snapshot of the overall experienceNational Report

The image on the right gives a snapshot of what patients had to say about hospitals across the country. You can expand the image by clicking on it.

See the full results of the national report

See the HSE’s response here


Hospital Reports

Each participating hospital also has its own report.

View the results by hospital


Hospital Group Reports

Each hospital group also has its own report.

View the results by hospital group


Supporting documentation

The National Patient Experience Survey 2017 questionnaire is available here.

A full technical report for the survey carried out in 2017 is available here

A review of NPE Survey processes in 2017 is available here.